The following projects received at least one excellent score on Rugscreen, and have been
issued a “Rugscreen Certified” NFT token certificate.

rownum DateTime (UTC) Token URL Contracts Scanned Score


Disclaimer:  You deserve a better one than DYOR.  Here’s what to research.

1. Just because one contract from a project passed our scanner, doesn’t mean they all will pass.  Before investing in a farm, scan all contracts including the MasterChef contract.  If you provide Rugscreen a farm token address, this is done automatically for you.
2. Some malicious farms are using the owner's BNB/BTC LP, BNB/BUSD LP, or BNB/ETH LP in place of PancakeSwap's LPs.  This could result in a loss.  Please purchase liquidity tokens on PancakeSwap or ApeSwap instead if you have any doubts.